About Us

The idea behind Mike & Son Hairstylist is about as simple as its name:

An establishment “where excellence is the standard, not the goal!”

The second location for Mike Babaev and son, Albert, brand new Chambers Street location can be credited to Mike’s 40+, and Albert’s 16+ years of experience mostly gained by snipping away at the famed Astor Place Hairstylist.

There, “Dr. Mike,” as he was called, gained valuable experience and name recognition that helped he and his son grow their first, Church Street lactation (the Barber Shop) to a popularity level that was more then the space could accommodate. Thus, the Chambers Street (the Unisex Salon) Mike & Son was born! The shotgun-style salon bustles with shaves and blowouts, cuts, color and highlights, for men and women, adults and children alike.

With a focus on individualized customers service, it’s more then the owners” experience that makes this hidden gem stand out from the hustle and bustle of Chambers Street traffic.